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Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup!

Hey kids, let’s get soupy! If I haven’t said this before, Im saying it now: Get creative in the kitchen! Don’t be scared to try to something new out. If you’re craving something, try to figure out how to make it to your liking. That’s how recipes are made That being said, I want to…

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Kicking that sicky bug’s butt – the natural way!

First and foremost, I hate being. Who doesn’t right? I’m a busybody and being sick just doesn’t work for me. That being said, anytime I start to feel SLIGHTLY under the weather – which isn’t very often, I let the remedies begin. Here are some of the ways I say NO to that icky flu,…

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First hike of 2015

Nothing like waking up and hitting the trails, and that’s just what we did. Andrew and I love taking Sofi hiking, partly because we love getting outside and enjoying nature, but mostly because Sofi comes home exhausted and then we feel like we did our part to entertain her. No matter what though, hiking is one…

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